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Mk 108 cannon penetration

Construction: This cannon was relatively lightweight, compact and proved to be an effective and reliable weapon. By using as few moving parts as possible made for easy maintenance and the electrical priming made the cannon ideal for aircraft installations. Disadvantages Normally, gas-operated or delayed-blowback mechanisms are used in automatic weapons of rifle-calibre and larger because the chamber pressure in such weapons would be very high. Therefore, if a simple blowback system where there is no positive lock between the bolt and barrel is used, the bolt may recoil and open the breech while the chamber pressure is still high, causing damage to the weapon and split cases see blowback article for more information.
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MK 103 cannon

Mk 108 cannon penetration
Mk 108 cannon penetration
Mk 108 cannon penetration
Mk 108 cannon penetration
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He A-7 30mm cannon penetration values low - Bombers & Attackers - War Thunder - Official Forum

I recently purchased a He A-7 and I noticed the penetration values for the first set of 30mm mk. It's not going to pen much Armour, but it's got a lot of HE rounds, so use it to bust open bombers, fighters, armored cars, houses, civilians, cats, taco trucks, and anything else you set your mind to, just not tanks. For future reference, print screen or F12 if you are on steam will take a screenshot and save it in your screenshot folder. What values were you expecting?
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Mine shell (projectile)

The Name of the gun. This should be an obvious fact, but alas there is a lot of misinformation around. Especially Japanese guns are very poorly documented, and as there were a great number of different guns in service in the Japanese Army and Navy, the potential for confusion is enormous. The type of round as, for example, 13 x 64B. The first number is the caliber , in millimeter.
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A mine shell directly translated from the german term minengeschoss is an ammunition type consisting of a very high-capacity high-explosive shell. The type was originally developed in Nazi Germany during WW2 to increase the effectiveness of the Luftwaffe 's aircraft guns. The word mine in the name mine shell does not refer to the common use of the word as in a land mine s or naval mine s. It is an ammunition term used in several Germanic languages meaning explosion with minimal fragmentation effect or maximum explosive effect. In other words, the explosion itself is meant to do the majority of the damage to the target.
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