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Asian forest food web tiger

There are four very distinct layers of trees in a tropical rain forest. The rainforest is in great danger of being destroyed. The reasons for this are: Cattle Ranching -Many rainforests have been burnt down to make way for cattle farming, which supplies cheap beef to North America, China and Russia. For each pound of beef produced, square feet of rainforest is destroyed. However, the land cannot be used for long: the soil is of poor quality and, without the forest, quickly becomes very dry. The grass often dies after only a few years and the land becomes a crusty desert. The cattle farmers then have to move on and destroy more rainforest to create new cattle pastures.
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Tiger spotting: Only 250 in Thai forests | Bangkok Post: learning

Asian forest food web tiger
Asian forest food web tiger
Asian forest food web tiger
Asian forest food web tiger
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food web | National Geographic Society

The Asian golden cat Catopuma temminckii is a medium-sized wild cat native to the northeastern Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. It has been listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List since , and is threatened by hunting pressure and habitat loss , since Southeast Asian forests are undergoing the world's fastest regional deforestation. It is also called Temminck's cat and Asiatic golden cat. Asian golden cats in Sumatra are reddish brown in colour. It prefers forest habitats interspersed with rocky areas and inhabits dry deciduous , subtropical evergreen and tropical rainforests. Since an individual was caught alive in in Nepal, the country is thought to be the westernmost part of the cat's range. In northern Myanmar, it was recorded in Hkakaborazi National Park.
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The Food Chain of a Tiger

For more photos and detailed descriptions of searching for tigers in different forests around Thailand read the full article here. Click button to listen to Tigers Endangered to download. But how many people are aware of that, considering you only hear about tigers being hunted or trafficked , or only see them in zoos. People believe tigers to be fierce and menacing animals.
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The tiger is a majestic creature, a huge apex predator with distinctive stripes and a solitary nature. Tigers today face incredible challenges as their numbers shrink in the wild due to poaching, encroaching human population, and loss of habitat and therefore traditional prey. Where tigers succeed, food webs remain intact and ecosystems remain stable. Tigers represent a keystone species necessary for their ecosystem to survive.
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